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AquaYav of English Empty AquaYav of English

Сообщение  Admin_AquaYav Пн Окт 31, 2011 7:28 pm

Domestic systems for
AquaYav is a complex system of water filtration, water disinfection and water activation.

The introduction of technological innovations in water consumption area promotes ideas of a healthy life-style, conservation of ecological balance and a biodiversity that are the major factors of economy modernization.

Priority direction of Corporation «AkvaYav» activity is creation and advancement unique clearing effective installations for the combined type for water preparation. The corporation includes industrial base, design office, services and the branches providing scientific development of a direction, international scientific conferences organization office connected with a role of water in our world, information support, training, publishing.

The question of pure potable water presently is one of the most important. Natural tanks of pure water dry up, technogenic and ecological accidents limit poor drinking resources, anthropogenous pollution of potable water sources is a sharp social problem. Mass media do not get tired to debate on subject of the potable water quality acting on system of water supply in the houses of citizens.

The rare reader will not pay attention to advertising of the varied filters offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers for water treating. As a rule, in a basis of work of similar filters one of existing mechanisms of clearing lays: a filtration, distillation, a chemical or physical way. The water cleared by similar way partially loses biological activity and compatibility.

The group of the Russian scientists offers more perfect small-sized installation entitled «AkvaYav» in which some ways of water treating are combined.
The “AquaYav” provides:
stable disinfecting effect, especially, concerning enterobacteria – activators of sharp intestinal infections (escherichia, shigella, salmonella, etc);

effective water treating from liquid and aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chloric organic chemistry;

saturation of water by biogenic chemical elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon) according to regional features of water objects;

activated water generation (with negative oxidation-reduction potential) which stimulates all metabolic processes in an organism.

In installation «Akvayav» the potable water taken from various sources, becomes not only suitable for consumption, but also biologically active.

In «AkvaYav» Inslattion water, safe in bacteriological and toxicological parameters, turns in biologically active. Its redox potential (RP) - one of the most meaningful factors of the oxidation-reduction reactions proceeding in the liquid environment - practically is equal to a similar parameter of plasma and interstitial liquid (Е =-150 mV). For example, brest milk redox potential is -70 mV. Negative RP is a reducer (antioxidant), connects free radicals which superfluous accumulation can accelerate processes of natural and premature aging that assists progress of advanced age illnesses.
In «Akvayav» installation the techniques based on electrolysis (with application of inert silicon electrodes made in composite materials), ultra-violet photolysis and sorption are realized.

At the first stage mechanical water treating from the salts of heavy metals dissolved in it, nitrates, nitrites, mineral oil, surface-active substances, residual chlorine is spent.

Necessary result is achieved from application of a unique bulk sorbent, made of silicates – derivatives of the silicon acid – and placed in a flask of front end filter.

Besides direct mechanical clearing, ulk sorbent enriches water with alkaline and alkaline-earth metals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) which are especially necessary in areas, poor with mineral substances.

The second stage of water treating assumes at once two functions: disinfecting of water and its return in biologically active form. Both of these process occur in the central link of installation – an ultra-violet lamp and the inert silicon electrodes made in composite materials.

Here processes electrolysis of water (release of active forms of oxygen (peroxide of hydrogen, water ozone and hydroxyl radicals) are started. All of them are strong oxidizers and disinfectants, outstanding by efficiency. The bactericidal effect is reached due to local damage of a cellular membrane, thus works concerning a wide range of organisms – enterobacteria – activators of sharp intestinal diseases of the person (escherichia, shigella, salmonella, etc.). Microorganisms not only perish, stopping the cycle of duplication, but also their antibiotics sensitivity raises.

Enriched with oxygen, water turns to «an oxygen cocktail», activating motor, enzyme and secretory functions of a gastroenteric tract. Properties of "an oxygen cocktail», as a rule, assist to prevent the desieses of a stomach and an intestines, including such, as a chronic gastritis, a stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, a dysbacteriosis.

The third stage – final water treating – proceeds in the exit filter detaining products of disintegration of microorganisms and viruses, the neutral salts which formed as a result of oxidizing reactions and have dropped out in a deposit.


•Productivity of installation is 100-150 litres per hour,
•Рower consumption is less than 40 Watt. During work,
•«AkvaYav» will demand only annual replacement of entrance filter and the exit filter (after 11000 litres).
•Service life of a ultra-violet lamp is about 9000 hours (20-25 years).

In summary it has to be noted, that the stated materials reflect results of the complex researches lead in SPb Pasteur scientific research institute of epidemiology and microbiology, Federal state institution of healthcare «The Center of hygiene and epidemiology in St.-Petersburg», scientific research institute of Industrial and marine medicine (the expert judgement №78.01.06ф--06-120 from 02.03.2010, the expert judgement №78.01.06ф--06-121 from 02.03.2010, the report on advisory-research work «the Assessment of bactericidal influence of installation «Akvayav» on the polluted water » from 18.11.2009, the report «The ecological-toxicological assessment of the water processed by means of water-preparation installation «Akvayav» №22/2-10 from 01.02.2010). Uniqueness of installation «Akvayav» is confirmed by patents 87694, 90067, 87693.


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AquaYav of English Empty The water and its major quality

Сообщение  Admin_AquaYav Пн Ноя 07, 2011 9:16 pm

Water is the major element of life and it operates its dynamics (from ovicel origin to vegetative maintenance of live ability). The water environment forms indivisible system with subcellular and cellular structures of an organism which possess certain oxidation-reduction and photolytic properties. It provides the existence of long-living electronic excitation and energy transfer in biological systems.
The water condition in cells and in an extracellular liquid is the essential factor that defines electric (electromagnetic) activity of cells, organs and tissues of an organism. A water molecule consists of two dipole united in one general structure, capable to accept and induce weak and super weak electromagnetic radiation, variable on intensity, direction, phase and frequency. This is why the behaviour of all substances in water environment is similar to behaviour of the dipole placed in the electric field.
It is necessary to consider that the major characteristics of water are density, viscosity, surface tension, electroconductivity, the internal energy and solvent capacity. Along with that its physical and chemical activity is defined by presence of free radicals and the primary of them is the hydrogen containing one proton and unique unpaired electron. In normal conditions water contains the attenuated gases (02, С02, N2), free radicals, oversaturated and unsaturated salt solutions, small concentration of electrolytes, isotopic molecule variety (deuterium, tritium), gidroxyl-ions
Furthermore, the main water characteristics are permanently arising and destroying systems of hydrogen bonds (H-bonds), oxidation-reduction potential, surface phase division under the effect of temperature, pressure, electromagnetic fields, an ultraviolet, etc.
Biological liquids are considered as a mix a water molecules, mineral salts, protein and lyotropic liquid crystals (for example, lipid). Their transformations have spatio-temporal character, are perform in constant range of biologically acceptable temperatures and discrete potentials of water resolution:-0,4;-0,1; 0,19; 0,49; 0,78 V (at рН 7,5).
For this reason primary functional deviations in an organism are caused, first of all, by changes in properties of biological liquids. It occurs owing to electroconductivity breach, i.e. water molecules abilities to be the intermediary in electron transfer in oxidation-reduction reactions. Free radicals are most widely presented in biological systems as intermediate and secondary products of oxygen molecules reduction.
The overwhelming majority of them have a very short period of existence. But they go through molecular transformation after the occurrence (split or rearrange). Initiated by free radicals processes carry out a great number of the important and useful functions in an organism (phagocytosis, spermatogenesis, membrane transmissivity regulation, homeostasis maintenance, immunocompetent cell proliferation, etc.). However, surplus production of free radicals leads to oxidation damages of cellular macromolecules. Their regular accumulation causes the evolution of some pathological processes (cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, immunodepression, neurodegenerate diseases, and cataract). It is necessary to meantion that the intensity of increased oxidation damages depends on a parity of free radicals formation and neutralization speed, that is called a full-grown antioxidant protection.

Such protection is carrying out by enzymes and not enzymes substances affected cellular and extracellular formations. Antioxidants are the destroyers of free radicals. They normalize an information transfer from extracellular regulators to endocellular effector systems to optimize protein- lipidic reciprocal actions.
The intensification of active forms of oxygen formation (АFO) promotes destruction of a cellular wall and membranes in microorganisms, than facilitates their phagocyte digestion. Lipids, DNA and proteins are the basic targets with which AFO co-operate and through which they realize their damaging action. Among AFO the highest redox-potential (Е = + 2,7В) has a hydroxyl radical that is the powerful mutagen and the cytotoxic factor. This radical is formed by hydrogen peroxide decomposition in the presence of bivalent iron ions. In cells the main neutralizer of its activity is water (in the form of a liquid crystal).
Ozone is also AFO and it possesses a powerful bactericidal type of action. Getting in a cell, ozone contacts whit polyunsaturated fatty acids and forms biologically active groups of ozonids which have an oxidation influence on a membrane of microorganisms, destroying the integrity of their covers.
The antiseptic effect of ozone is based exactly on this his ability that extends not only on pathogenic bacteria and the viruses steady against antibiotic and antivirus treatment (for example, hepatitises and papillomavirus treatment), but also clamydia. Human cells are not damaged during that, but even receive the additional energy power.
Ozonids stimulate immune system and, especially, phagocytosis. Ozonids suppress an inflammation oxidize bioactive compounds that participate in inflammatory reactions (prostaglandins). Ozone activates the enzymes, accelerating processes of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins oxidation that forms ATP - the basic energy source of a cell. That is why almost at once after the influence of an ozone-oxygen mix the person feels inflow of forces and energy. Even if the exhaustion was strong, it gradually disappears, and the feeling of vivacity comes.
Finally, a rational drinking mode, which foresees quality water use (as a foodstuff), stimulates system mechanisms of recover against the negative tendencies, caused ecologic trouble in great number of regions, demographic potential decrease, existential burst in national consciousness.
It seems to be a background in a choice of optimum social policy strategy aimed at preservation of public health and improvement of quality of life in the population.
Thereupon it is necessary to consider as a perspective direction works to create and introduce in practice the samples of new techniques for additional cleaning and water air-conditioning by an electrochemical method.
This method is developed with the account of special water characteristics caused by H-bonds. Their force in its molecules is defined by oxygen atom which is a proton acceptor because of its electro-negativity. When H-communications form energy conditions of co-operating molecules change.
The grid of H-communications is capable to stretch, bend and rupture in water. Elasticity of a grid, aspiration to its first configurations preservation create conditions for recombination of dissolved substances, their pushing out in places of defects of such grid.
High redox potential, optimum chemical compound and the expressed bactericidal effect are the most essential properties of the water processed by an electrochemical method, that was realized for the first time in «AkvaYav – 0», «AkvaYav –P», «AkvaYav-ST».

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AquaYav of English Empty Benefits of “AQUAYAV`” installation

Сообщение  Admin_AquaYav Пн Ноя 07, 2011 9:19 pm

1. Full autonomy of installations
2. Electrical safety (Installation absence of dangerous high voltage)
3. Economy
Low power consumption (much less than most of ozone generators), reliable and affordable service (no need to purchase bottled drinking water).
4. Results of drinking water treatment by installing “AquaYav`”
-epidemiological and toxicological safety
-water has a negative redox ( oxidation-reduction )potential (ORP), which is almost equal to a similar indicator of blood plasma (-150mV). ORP plays a key role in metabolism and energy. Normal drinking water with a positive ORP, penetrating into the tissues of the human body takes up electrons from the cells, which consist of water by 80-90%. Consequently, cellular and subcellular structures are subjected to oxidant destruction, which leads to premature aging of the body.
-Retained the salt composition of water needed for human life
-Improved consumer properties of the purified water (smell, taste, color)
-Water remains biologically active for a long time (several days) that effect its absorption by the body

5. Unlike most of disinfection systems using ozone or ultraviolet light, the ”AquaYav`” installation is based on the combined effect of ozone, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic fields and other active factors, whose influence is reflected in its physical and chemical properties.
6. “AquaYav`” Installation does not accumulate dirt.
7. Capable to operate from independent power supply.
8. Saturates water with accurate ozone dosage. This eliminates the ozone excess as the active oxygen form.

In the process of water treatment oxidizes organic contaminants and metal ions present in water. This helps to remove excess quantities of them from the purified water.

The effectiveness of “Aquayav” disinfection in a number of major bacteriological contaminations in comparison with traditional methods of decontamination is shown in the table.
The field of application of “AQUAYAV” INSTALLATION

Installation is used individually as well as in the complex of local water treatment facilities in industrial plants, housing, and utility sector, technical facilities, etc. to disinfect water before it enters the drinking water supply system or bottled.

These include:
-Kindergartens, schools, boarding schools
-hotels, saunas, water parks
-hospitals, sanatoriums and recreations
-food productions, catering.

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